What, besides water, is healthy to drink?

There’s no question that the best beverage to drink for you is water, however, just like everyone else we all need variety. We know more about what not to drink than we do about relatively healthy alternatives to water. So here are some suggestions:

1. Tea, especially green tea, have various health benefits. One tip is to brew about 2 cups of boiling water then steep four tea bags for around 10 minutes. Next, pour the 2 cups of water in a container (around 1/2 gallon) which is safe for hot liquid and add cold water to it. Then put in fridge overnight. This is an excellent healthy alternative to water. Just be sure not to drink caffeinated tea too close to bedtime as it may keep you up.

2. Honest Tea is a brand with a variety of different flavors, not all of which are tea. They tend to have a lower amounts of sugar compared to other over the counter pre-made drinks thus have a lower calorie count. Check their varieties out at http://www.honesttea.com.

3. Lemon Water, yes, I know, here we go with water again but it’s amazing what a difference in taste makes when squeezing some fresh lemon juice into cold water. It adds a freshness to the water which makes it delicious to enjoy. There are also health benefits to adding lemon juice. I could get technical here but let me just say for one adding lemon to your water may just promote weight loss. Good enough benefit for you?

Okay, so I know these aren’t exactly what you were hoping for in references to alternatives to water but is the diet soda full of chemicals or the soft drink loaded with sugar really necessary?! We don’t think so…..